Wednesday, April 11, 2007 in 15 minutes

Well it was probably the easiest thing I've done when it comes to setting up a 'website'. I went to the cheapest DNS seller that I could find. In this case it turned out to be australiancheapdomains . I wrecked my brain about a domain name that I wanna use after getting pissed off that my old one, expired, and as soon as it came back for sale, someone snapped it up. And all the grand plans I had for that thing... probably something I'll whinge about somewhere else here I bet. So after surprisingly finding some cool top level .com domain names available like or, I decided to go for
I'm really surprised that it's still available as people are snapping up domain names like there is no tomorrow. And with the scar from losing one domain name to someone else, I registered for 4 years for AUD$56. Not bad. And this DNS registrar has a free DNS redirection service, so I pointed it to this place
After the obligatory "Hello World" and some settings changes with the lame photo upload, I have a .com website up and running for at least 4 years, all within about 15 minutes.

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