Tuesday, May 22, 2007

var myWickedCrib = new HunterCherryFarm();

Looking around realestate.com.au, we came across a cherry farm at the outskirts of Adelaide's north-eastern urban sprawl in a cute town called Montacute. The property is here and it's just amazing from the photos. This weekend is a definite drive up there to check it out closer.
Owning a cherry farm with walnut trees and raspberry bushes would be a dream come true! The possibilities! 80 hectares with other 2 houses on the property, it s a dream! One of the houses could be a cafe, making all sorts of delicious morsels. Taking the cherries to the grower's markets, selling produce to the local bakeries. The possibilities are endless! The other property could be a guest house. And the main house is just amazing, with it's pantry being made up of 5 rooms! And the cherries! Love 'em!
At over a million though, the price range is way out of my pocket, but if it's a business on site, it might be good to go. Maybe if it's declared as a farm, I'll be a primary producer getting all the help I can get from the government. Also it is an established business, so it would be generating income, hopefully enough to make up the mortgage payments! Oh and did I mention the cherries?

Or maybe Oprah will get it for me. Oprah, are you reading this?

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