Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mystery amongst chaos

It's been a couple of weeks of the most intense development at work. The wayfinder is becoming a very popular product, so everyone wants it. And as it happens this is a product that I'm responsible for developing, so day to day I'm backed up with frantic development. Also when deadlines approach way too quickly, the stress levels increase. All is well so far though as expectations are being met and the software is becoming a configurable 'product' at a good pace.
Amidst this frantic work pace I've been refreshing myself with news stories from sources such as this and this. At first look it might seem that these news sources are all about conspiracy theories and silly delusions. But really they are just aggregators of news stories about topics that fascinate me: Archaeology and science's inability to explain all that has happened in the past in terms of available technologies and people's knowledge.
While dwelling on some of these fascinating topics, I thought I'd have a look on google maps where Tikal stood and how it looked on these maps. Meh, nothing fancy really. I'd rather be there in person (one day). But then scrolling about 70km to the south-west of Tikal shows an 'L' shaped cut out of the Jungle with squares on either end. It's about 5km by 5km, which is massive. I've never heard of the place so I though I'd do some research. Nothing. This really stumped me. All the tourist archaeological locations are everywhere else but this place. What's this about? This really freaked me out. Why is nobody mentioning this massive area? Zooming out of this map reveals that this area is dead in the center of the triangular area of south Mexico and western Guatemala. And surprisingly this 'L' shape can be seen from a large distance away. There are no town around it. and the ones that are, don't mention anything about this area. Archaeological maps reveal nothing. I am really freaked out at this point.
The other thing I thought this could be is an area of deforestation. This is possible, but why would any one leave two tree-laden square ends on either end of the 'L' shape? Also each of the square areas within this area are made of triangular areas that meet in the middle. This is reminiscent of the way that pyramids look from above. This is still freaking me out and now I really want to find out more information about it and if none comes along, A trip to this area will certainly be in my future travel agenda.
If anyone has any information about this area, I would be more than greatful, so please let me know.

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