Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mini is gone

My little mini is gone. Yes that's right, sold it up for a extra AU$1200 for 9 months usage. It's like the money I've spent on the services, rego, fuel, and the clutch arm fix has come back plus some.
After putting it on and many people called, few came in and had a look.
The lucky buyer was a grey old fox. With too much money and expectations for tricky questions, he came over, had a look and a reminisce about his young mini days, he was keen. He said he will leave a deposit, then pay the rest later. After depositing $500, he called and will pick it up by Sunday.
So there it is. Everyone, a minute of silence please.

Minis are great and I would recommend one to anyone. I know I will sometime in the future. Until then, a push bike will be great. Or a car with buttons!

Has it been a minute yet?

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