Wednesday, May 9, 2007

in Syd for a week

Work have asked me to go to Sydney and work at the office all week next week. This is a bit much, but I also think that it'll do me some good. I think a week is a bit long, I'll get to catchup on what's going on within a few days, and the rest will just be working away as per usual. And I'll miss everybody back in Adders. On the flipside, I think that it will be a great opportunity to see what's been happening back at the 'ol office without me. There have been some changes in the way that things are beginning to be done. The flash framework is in full swing and all seems to be moulding very quickly towards a systematic standardisation in software authoring. So I'm looking forward to falling into the mould so that all the code that I write will leverage the existing structures as much as possible, making my code cleaner and less. And ofcourse it's all paid for!
I got my itinerary today so all the tickets and accommodation have been booked. No backing out now. Sydney here I come!

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