Tuesday, May 8, 2007

mini teeth

Yesterday was a service day. Fist thing in the morning was the dentist. 9am appointment. All bodes well, my crowned tooth is looking alright. The dentist did an abrasives clean then a fluoride treatment, 4 x-rays and a checkup. This all came to $205 but cost me nothing due to health insurance. Even though I'm still within the 12 months acceptance period, the insurance paid this out with nothing to pay for me. The dentist also told me that my teeth were in a good condition, something I was totally blown away by as the Polish dentistry industry in the early 1980s was not well renown for its work. Stoked.
Then I took the mini in to get the clutch mechanism sorted out. I didn't know what it was but the clutch felt like it was at the end of it's life, going up and down maybe an inch. The people at minisport knew what they were doing though. They replaced the arm and joint that moved the clutch. This arm was totally bent and the joint was worn. Turned out to be a common occurance on old gear arms. So in the picture on the left, the ball down the bottom was bent right a fair bit and the middle part was bent too. Basically worn the heck out of. They also replaced a clutch bearing, putting in a good quality one. This all cost me $430, about what I was looking to pay anyways.
Now the mini runs totally different. When before I had to struggle to get into first with an inch of clutch give, I now have about 25cm clutch give and the gearbox works like a treat. Ahh it's good to get the mini serviced by people who know what they are doing.
So my teeth and mini are both serviced up and ready to roll onto the next adventure.

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