Sunday, August 26, 2007

Everything is new again

Yup, my lease expired. As it rose by AU$10 per week, and a new place happened to be literally 'down the street' at AU$120 less per week, the Tao flowed towards the 'up and move' . All went swimmingly well with the help of my dear girl and couple of my mates. Oh except for the 'fridge falling off the ute' incident. Yup at a major intersection, while turning to the right gradually, the fridge flew off the left side of the ute, smashing all over the road. Cars swerved, frantic scramble began to pick up the fridge pieces off the major intersection. Lucky the fridge didn't fall into a car or a cyclist. Other than that it's a bonus because the fridge was going to be replaced anyway, so I didn't really want it that much.
Oh brought a new car too after selling the mini. Back to the world of buttons. After much consideration between the Golf, Volvo, Renault, Honda, BMW, the beamer won for value for money/brand/feel hands down. A silver 2000 318i executive, at 74000km. Leather seats. Great price, great drive. It's something like the one in this picture. Some tinting and a set of wheels wouldn't go astray.
All is now in place with the new house feeling welcoming and comfortable. Ace!

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