Saturday, October 6, 2007

Infrared lens filtering

Recently I became fascinated with taking images in the infrared range. This is mainly because the usually non-obvious detail of usually ordinary things. Especially in nature. It's fascinating to notice that this range of light is being emitted from various objects. Sometimes this may be accidental, for example in fire. Other times it might be on purpose, as in flowers emitting their attractive attention grabbing patterns to various insects that can only view objects in the infrared color range.
I'm also interested in infrared because it's how best photos and videos of UFOs are taken. You never know, one might get in the range of the lens.
Besides that, it's fun!

Ok So here it is.
I got a Hoya 72R IR filter from eBay for about $50. This one came highly recommended, so that's the kick. On my Canon S3IS I used Manual mode with F2.7 and ISO set to 200 or 400.
First of all: use a tripod. Even with the automatic stabilisation, if the exposure time is so high, you're gonna get some blur. This is an image done by holding the camera in my hands.
One thing is that you should point around the sun. Sunrises or sunsets are awesome.

So now what to do with an image like this?

I'd say Auto Levels and Greyscale would bring out more detail.

And this is a color version of this example. Check out the difference between the leaves!

Oh and fire looked really interesting. Check out these two photos of the same fire. Interestingly enough, the IR version (first one) has not been altered.

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