Wednesday, October 31, 2007

das is a telee vision

Who says that spontaneous purchases are a waste of money? Well I usually do. I'd like to think of a product, look around, research the web for reviews, get a bunch of prices. This time however, it was different. Going to the local 'Retravision' store on the weekend to lurk around was an accidental event. "Let's just have a quick look", were the famous last words. Well the look was quick indeed. A new model 'W' series of Sony's Bravia TVs has hit the store. "how much is it?", "boy, it looks nice", "what are the specs?" were the in-store comments at the time. Oh yea, whatever, thanks buddy, yep TV is nice but so are the other 20 on the shelves. But this TV in particular stirred something up. It was simple, feature packed and a new model. The price wasn't too bad either.
But what of it, it's just a TV that I've been dreaming of having for a long time, but the tech has never been up to scratch or the looks were way off. I didn't want some 1366x768 "HD ready" or compatible LCD that pretended to be. But this was the real deal. Full 1080x1024, digital receiver, 3 HDMI ins, VGA in, and the design was clean and simple. After inquiring about the 'best price', we went looking around. No other store had these in stock yet as it was so new and the other prices were about $500 more than the one on offer.
So We thought 'stuff it' let's get spontaneous on this baby. Bought it, it fit in the car.. just. Got it home, turned it on. Dream-like. Everything was perfect. Nice bright, sharp image, and the HD programs looked awesome. After doing some research on the web about this model, I found that the reviews were very favorable, so that made me happy.
Long live the new telly!

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