Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ukert crater mystery

As far as weird things on the moon go, Ukert crater is right up there. It forms an equilateral triangle and has been dismissed by experts as being a naturally formed landmark. All in all that's all interesting and might have passed by me as another anomaly to have a think about and reflect on why NASA does not investigate these things further or release their findings more. But when I was browsing around google's moon maps to the Ukert crater, I discovered that a small area to the northeast of it was blurred out. Why? what's hiding under this blur? Strange landmarks? Signs of intelligent construction or activity? None of these questions can be answered because this area is blurred out! Now that just makes me more intent on finding what's there.
Some scraped pics:

Roads and castles:

funnily enough gone from the same spot on the lunar orbiter mosaic

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